Top Small Teams in New York – Ranked By Volume

Rank – State VolumeTeam NameCompanyLocationVolumeProfile
1The Lesser Kantha TeamLeslie J. Garfield & Co. Real EstateNew York, NY$408,051,170View Profile
2The Gold TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$367,749,530View Profile
3The Lindsay Barton Barrett TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$296,992,500View Profile
4Leighton Candler Team CorcoranNew York, NY$285,386,699View Profile
5Sabrina Saltiel TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$276,713,419View Profile
6Tirosh & TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$267,006,277View Profile
7The Cornell Marshall TeamCorcoranBrooklyn, NY$262,851,158View Profile
8The Danny Davis TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$235,122,780View Profile
9The Stein TeamSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.New York, NY$230,750,500View Profile
10James McGrath TeamYoreevo LLCNew York, NY$227,060,585View Profile
11The Juracich TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$161,845,682View Profile
12The Deborah Grubman TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$161,311,251View Profile
13Jonathan Isaacs | ReserveReserveNew York, NY$158,445,744View Profile
14The Chris Kann TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$151,064,000View Profile
15Chris ColemanCompassThe Hamptons, NY$148,892,163View Profile
16The Heyman TeamSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.New York, NY$143,576,000View Profile
17The Lewin Rubin TeamCompassManhattan, NY$143,432,750View Profile
18Harrison Grandelli Team @ CORECORENew York, NY$140,061,400View Profile
19Mala Sander+Team at The Corcoran GroupCorcoranSag Harbor, NY$138,120,650View Profile
20ATelier TeamCompassManhattan, NY$136,086,834View Profile
21The Petrie TeamCompassThe Hamptons, NY$132,211,367View Profile
29The Doyle TeamCompassManhattan, NY$127,308,326View Profile
22The Joan O’Meara TeamHoulihan LawrenceRye, NY$124,790,100View Profile
23The Glazer TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$124,171,250View Profile
24CHESTLER JACOBS TEAMDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$122,858,388View Profile
25Michael J. Franco TeamCompassManhattan, NY$120,586,215View Profile
26BAT HamptonsCompassThe Hamptons, NY$119,706,500View Profile
27Jason HaberCompassManhattan, NY$119,471,000View Profile
28The AMM TeamSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.New York, NY$116,347,500View Profile
30Milano Rambarran TeamBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$110,550,994View Profile
31The Lori Schiaffino TeamCompassThe Hamptons, NY$109,576,133View Profile
32Traci Conway ClintonCompassManhasset, NY$109,553,000View Profile
33Daniel Cohen TeamCorcoranBrooklyn, NY$106,484,247View Profile
34Adrian | Natalie TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$105,973,886View Profile
35The Murphy Wang TeamCompassBrooklyn, NY$104,591,031View Profile
36The W TeamSERHANT.New York, NY$102,683,254View Profile
37Julia Hoagland TeamCompassNew York City, NY$101,872,525View Profile
38The Kulman Harrison TeamCompassThe Hamptons, NY$101,713,000View Profile
39Louise Phillips Forbes TeamBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$101,216,498View Profile
40The Bartolucci TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$97,874,657View Profile
41SAEZ FROMM TEAMCorcoranNew York, NY$97,574,086View Profile
42The Stoltz Team at CompassCompassBronxville, NY$96,841,000View Profile
43Vickey Barron TeamCompassManhattan, NY$96,467,075View Profile
44The King-Brown TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$96,381,108View Profile
45The Gulker TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$94,880,580View Profile
46Janice Chang TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$92,415,038View Profile
47Jessica Levine TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$92,175,000View Profile
48Clark-Thoerner TeamSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.Bridgehampton, NY$91,235,000View Profile
49The Talbott TeamCorcoranBrooklyn, NY$91,082,400View Profile
50The Jamie Fedorko & Catherine Silver Smith TeamCompassNew York, NY$90,175,500View Profile
51Midlam | Ryan TeamCompassThe Hamptons, NY$90,053,337View Profile
52The Berzak | Metcalf TeamCompassManhattan, NY$89,856,571View Profile
53Elevated TeamCompassManhattan, NY$88,831,149View Profile
54Bateman | FieldsCompassBrooklyn, NY$88,573,540View Profile
55Richard SteinbergCompassManhattan, NY$88,486,700View Profile
56The Azani TeamCompassBrooklyn, NY$87,281,888View Profile
57The Sonsino McTighe TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$87,248,500View Profile
58The Galluccio TeamCompassBrooklyn, NY$86,958,288View Profile
59The Rose Wright TeamCompassManhattan, NY$85,733,426View Profile
60Amadei-Hettinger TeamSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.New York, NY$85,597,000View Profile
61The Ryan + Ryan TeamCompassBrooklyn, NY$85,214,250View Profile
62The Gelbard-Kolbusz TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$84,519,880View Profile
63Poulsen Shagalov TeamBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$83,619,581View Profile
64Belvedere Advisors TeamCompassManhattan, NY$83,438,500View Profile
65Danielle NazinitskyCompassManhattan, NY$83,294,500View Profile
66Ann Marie Folan TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$82,294,750View Profile
67The Marchesiello TeamKeller Williams Realty Capital DistrictSaratoga Springs, NY$78,645,763View Profile
68The Pascullo-Salegna TeamDouglas EllimanSyosset, NY$78,580,726View Profile
69Rachel GlazerCompassManhattan, NY$76,979,000View Profile
70The Kim Arenas Team at CompassCompassRye, NY$76,891,500View Profile
71The Blatman TeamThe AgencyNew York, NY$76,800,918View Profile
72Agranat- Hashey TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$76,740,000View Profile
73The Kwon Steel TeamCompassManhattan, NY$76,408,000View Profile
74Team BondyCompassBrooklyn, NY$76,115,413View Profile
75The Be NYC TeamCompassManhattan, NY$75,637,129View Profile
76The Lina Lopes TeamDouglas EllimanFarmingville, NY$74,577,685View Profile
77The Office of Stan PonteSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.New York, NY$73,470,938View Profile
78CeeJackTeamCompassThe Hamptons, NY$73,151,782View Profile
79The April May June Team at CompassCompassRye, NY$71,541,178View Profile
80Grace Chang TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$71,113,299View Profile
81Ariffin Kromer TeamBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$70,571,002View Profile
82The Linda Filby Team at CompassCompassLarchmont, NY$70,460,537View Profile
83The Eileen Hsu TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$70,454,000View Profile
84The Sample-Powers TeamSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.New York, NY$69,920,000View Profile
85The Bacodari TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$69,845,000View Profile
86The Shii Ann Huang TeamCompassManhattan, NY$69,490,500View Profile
87Karpowich TeamCompassManhattan, NY$69,002,000View Profile
88The Benalloul TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$68,715,006View Profile
89Virginia Corbett Home TeamRE/MAX Town & CountryFishkill, NY$68,091,689View Profile
90The Farah Goodwin TeamCompassManhattan, NY$68,081,871View Profile
91Nickman | O’Neal TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$67,534,700View Profile
92The Gasdaska Conlon TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$65,256,440View Profile
93The Fran Mazer TeamCompassWoodbury, NY$65,069,587View Profile
94The Bass TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$64,681,315View Profile
95The Dogan Baruh TeamCompassBrooklyn, NY$64,346,720View Profile
96The Leslie S. Modell TeamSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.New York, NY$64,107,475View Profile
97The Select Team at CompassCompassCortlandt Manor, NY$63,604,312View Profile
98The Pashby TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$63,574,000View Profile
99Lois Kirschenbaum TeamDaniel Gale Sotheby’s International RealtyGreenvale, NY$63,402,500View Profile
100Christopher StewartCompassThe Hamptons, NY$63,328,664View Profile
101The NYC Experience TeamCompassManhattan, NY$62,744,110View Profile
102Juliette R. Janssens & Allison B. KoffmanSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.New York, NY$62,527,224View Profile
103The Greene-Rizk TeamBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$62,473,550View Profile
104Arsic | Lau TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$62,118,103View Profile
105The Holl-Geller-Russell TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$62,005,500View Profile
106The Leifer TeamKeller Williams NYCNew York, NY$61,741,708View Profile
107The Tessler Team Keller Williams Realty Hudson Valley RealtyNew City, NY$61,565,200View Profile
108Kayla Lee TeamSERHANT.New York, NY$61,008,822View Profile
109The Elkin TeamCompassSouthold, NY$60,918,925View Profile
110The Tunick TeamDouglas EllimanBridgehampton, NY$60,750,000View Profile
111Team Wilding WoodsCompassBrooklyn, NY$60,420,000View Profile
112Solomon Masri TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$59,095,000View Profile
113The Suburban Collective Team at CompassCompassChappaqua, NY$59,005,450View Profile
114The Albert & Rice TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$59,001,600View Profile
115The Dyksterhouse TeamCompassManhattan, NY$58,975,950View Profile
116Ford-Sussman TeamColdwell Banker RealtyDobbs Ferry, NY$58,510,460View Profile
117The Georgio Reddington Team at CompassCompassRye, NY$58,427,992View Profile
118GansGross TeamCompassManhattan, NY$58,261,500View Profile
119RJJ TeamRE/MAX EdgeBrooklyn, NY$57,805,250View Profile
120Sukenik Glazer TeamCompassManhattan, NY$57,803,437View Profile
121Christine Miller MartinCompassManhattan, NY$57,670,610View Profile
122The Danielov TeamCorcoranBrooklyn, NY$57,439,470View Profile
123The Ivy & Jenna TeamCompassManhattan, NY$56,320,421View Profile
124The Helmuth | Pellegrino TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$56,192,472View Profile
125The Scott Stewart NYC TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$55,901,808View Profile
126Wilson Howard TeamCompassManhattan, NY$55,437,399View Profile
127The Savory TeamCompassManhattan, NY$55,429,499View Profile
128West Side Advisory TeamCompassManhattan, NY$55,409,000View Profile
129The MB TeamCompassManhattan, NY$55,221,963View Profile
130Andrew and Amelia TeamBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$54,847,500View Profile
131The Rosen TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$54,105,000View Profile
132Kanbar Kopel TeamCompassManhattan, NY$53,781,512View Profile
133Sarraf + Hoffman + Beck TeamCompassThe Hamptons, NY$53,765,000View Profile
134Young Bolger TeamBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$53,047,030View Profile
135Leventhal Thompson TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$52,906,960View Profile
136The Pettrone TeamRevolution Real EstateRochester, NY$52,695,598View Profile
137The Cooley TeamHoward Hanna CapitalDelmar, NY$52,523,209View Profile
138The Randi Culang Team at CompassCompassScarsdale, NY$52,282,916View Profile
139The Barry Team at CompassCompassLarchmont, NY$52,103,043View Profile
140The Lia Wiedemann TeamCompassBrooklyn, NY$51,829,000View Profile
141The Adamson Hall TeamBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$51,823,206View Profile
142The Carolyn Cedar TeamCompassBrooklyn, NY$51,567,500View Profile
143The Chang TeamEXIT REALTY TEAMFlushing , NY$51,182,403View Profile
144Hanja TeamBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$50,637,575View Profile
145The Zolan Rossiter TeamCompassBrooklyn, NY$50,557,146View Profile
146The Lindsey Stokes TeamCompassManhattan, NY$49,770,999View Profile
147The Baymack TeamCompassGarden City, NY$49,454,500View Profile
148Azoulay AdvisoryDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$49,214,003View Profile
149The Riback TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$48,931,000View Profile
150Angela Retelny Team at CompassCompassScarsdale, NY$48,688,000View Profile
151The Levin TeamCompassManhasset, NY$48,611,300View Profile
152The Found TeamCompassManhasset, NY$48,399,397View Profile
153The Susie and Andrew TeamCompassManhattan, NY$48,119,500View Profile
154Martin Eiden TeamCompassManhattan, NY$48,039,290View Profile
155The Young Team AdvisoryCompassManhattan, NY$47,966,001View Profile
156Toni Haber Team | Private Client AdvisorsCompassManhattan, NY$47,587,000View Profile
157The Dream Home TeamRE/MAX EdgeBrooklyn, NY$46,695,388View Profile
158The Pucker | Heinlein TeamCompassManhattan, NY$46,634,502View Profile
159The Randy Baruh TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$46,599,352View Profile
160The Catalyst TeamCompassManhattan, NY$46,558,500View Profile
161The Resnick Morris Duby TeamCompassBrooklyn, NY$46,468,344View Profile
162Sharon Byrne TeamHoward Hanna CapitalSaratoga Springs, NY$45,991,500View Profile
163The Power TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$45,763,856View Profile
164The Marina T Schindler TeamCompassManhattan, NY$45,696,500View Profile
165Columbia Vitolo TeamCompassManhattan, NY$45,368,114View Profile
166The Newdow-Landisman TeamCompassManhattan, NY$45,332,666View Profile
167Bryn Elliott TeamDouglas EllimanFarmingville, NY$45,308,700View Profile
168Nociforo TeamEXIT REALTY PREMIERMassapequa, NY$45,114,093View Profile
169Team Carte BlancheThe AgencyNew York, NY$45,108,999View Profile
170Aeen AviniCompassManhattan, NY$45,025,500View Profile
171Keller TeamBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$44,827,500View Profile
172Team GomezeXp Realty, LLCGreat Neck, NY$44,617,748View Profile
173The Ahmetaj Mickiewicz TeamCompassBrooklyn, NY$44,441,476View Profile
174Team ZacksRE/MAX Classic RealtySomers, NY$44,333,050View Profile
175The AZ Team NY at CompassCompassDobbs Ferry, NY$44,216,600View Profile
176Brett Miles TeamCompassManhattan, NY$44,030,000View Profile
177The Halpern TeamCompassNew York, NY$44,016,000View Profile
178The Hamptons Team at the Corcoran GroupCorcoranBridgehampton, NY$43,795,287View Profile
179Rafael Ching Real Estate TeamKeller Williams Realty Greater NassauGarden City, NY$43,467,500View Profile
180The Burns TeamCompassThe Hamptons, NY$43,403,300View Profile
181The Luque TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$43,325,750View Profile
182Morabito Weiss TeamCompassThe Hamptons, NY$43,075,500View Profile
183The Terry Thompson TeamDouglas EllimanSouthampton, NY$42,891,364View Profile
184The Davidson Martin TeamCompassManhattan, NY$42,717,500View Profile
185Reiner/Deslaurier TeamColdwell Banker WarburgNew York, NY$42,707,500View Profile
186True North TeamCompassManhattan, NY$42,670,601View Profile
187Usha Subramaniam Team at CompassCompassChappaqua, NY$42,640,620View Profile
188Tina Canaris TeamDouglas EllimanMerrick, NY$42,506,000View Profile
189The Mulvey TeamHoulihan LawrenceArdsley, NY$42,362,300View Profile
190LachanceCompassManhattan, NY$42,283,708View Profile
191Ragan Real Estate TeamHoward Hanna CNYSyracuse, NY$42,180,599View Profile
192Ciardullo Green TeamSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.East Hampton, NY$42,155,000View Profile
193Penelope A MooreSaunders & AssociatesShelter Island Heights, NY$42,104,614View Profile
194Celebrate Your Home TeamKeller Williams Points NorthWoodbury, NY$42,055,099View Profile
195Alana Benjamin TeamCompassManhasset, NY$41,637,461View Profile
196Craig Filipacchi & Jacques FoussardBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$41,610,000View Profile
197The Faust | Palmieri TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$41,487,940View Profile
198The Legacy TeamKeller Williams Realty Greater NassauGarden City, NY$41,308,760View Profile
199Ivan Hernandez TeamCompassManhattan, NY$41,303,167View Profile
200Meyers & Venn TeamCompassManhattan, NY$41,255,377View Profile
201Gail HolmanCompassManhasset, NY$41,243,412View Profile
202Breen & Walsh Team at CompassCompassBronxville, NY$41,228,500View Profile
203AI Team LLCDaniel Gale Sotheby’s International RealtyManhasset, NY$41,215,718View Profile
204The Sandak TeamCompassManhattan, NY$41,018,835View Profile
205The Gladstone/Karadus TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$40,863,320View Profile
206The BAHAR TeamCompassManhattan, NY$40,742,168View Profile
207Testani TeamKeller Williams Landmark RealtyFlushing, NY$40,734,000View Profile
208The Hillary’s Homes Team at CompassCompassChappaqua, NY$40,685,511View Profile
209Julie Bieber Team at CompassCompassRye, NY$40,554,000View Profile
210The GoodLife TeamKeller Williams Realty Capital DistrictLatham, NY$40,530,318View Profile
211The Glick/Frei GroupBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$40,350,000View Profile
212Rory S. Clark TeamBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$40,325,350View Profile
213The McGowan Joy TeamBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$40,299,500View Profile
214Amanda McAvenaCompassBrooklyn, NY$40,197,500View Profile
215The Andy Li TeamCompassQueens, NY$40,174,639View Profile
216The John Kincart TeamHoulihan LawrenceJefferson Valley, NY$40,135,267View Profile
217the SBN teamCompassBrooklyn, NY$40,091,500View Profile
218Gray Dayan Loftus TeamCompassManhattan, NY$40,054,700View Profile
219The Eileen Foy TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$39,995,133View Profile
220Tricia Lee Riley TeamSERHANT.New York, NY$39,831,646View Profile
221The Nielsen Sadownick TeamCorcoranBrooklyn, NY$39,808,759View Profile
222The Mike Biryla TeamThe AgencyNew York, NY$39,549,516View Profile
223Montesi Harnish TeamWilliam RaveisNew York, NY$39,461,025View Profile
224HENDERSON | MARYK | MULREADY TEAMCorcoranBrooklyn, NY$38,859,132View Profile
225The Brennan TeamEngel & Völkers Brooklyn DUMBOBrooklyn, NY$38,616,000View Profile
226The Kogel – Daish TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$38,548,347View Profile
227Johnson & Nommaz TeamCompassManhattan, NY$38,519,000View Profile
228Lyon Porter & Jonah KatzCompassManhattan, NY$38,515,805View Profile
229The Debbie Baum TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$38,467,040View Profile
230The Lillie K TeamFour Seasons Sotheby’s International RealtyHudson, NY$38,397,138View Profile
231AG TeamCompassBrooklyn, NY$38,123,500View Profile
232The Paul Conforti TeamDouglas EllimanMerrick, NY$38,082,000View Profile
233Chelsea WernerCompassManhattan, NY$38,026,042View Profile
234The Barnett-Bittencourt TeamCompassManhattan, NY$37,944,980View Profile
235The Galluzzo TeamCompassHuntington, NY$37,898,265View Profile
236Jessica Hirsch TeamCompassManhattan, NY$37,846,800View Profile
237The Fox TeamDouglas EllimanLong Beach, NY$37,469,500View Profile
238The Podell Levin TeamBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$37,192,500View Profile
239The Jonathan Milioti TeamCompassThe Hamptons, NY$37,135,000View Profile
240The McElwee TeamHoulihan LawrenceRye, NY$36,983,431View Profile
241Diehl Done TeamKeller Williams Realty Capital DistrictLatham, NY$36,957,492View Profile
242Burden Rosenthal Brown Harris StevensNew York, NY$36,915,577View Profile
243The McKenna TeamRE/MAX EdgeStaten Island, NY$36,836,388View Profile
244The Lieberman TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$36,775,000View Profile
245The Bomze TeamCompassManhattan, NY$36,749,769View Profile
246Alan Wood TeamRE/MAX PlusRochester, NY$36,665,791View Profile
247The Liappas TeamCompassManhasset, NY$36,648,000View Profile
248Ivana & Kyle TeamCompassManhattan, NY$36,498,500View Profile
249The Maddy Camay TeamCompassWoodbury, NY$36,458,000View Profile
250The Hackett Home Team at CompassCompassBronxville, NY$36,313,650View Profile
251The Sikorski Bentov TeamCompassBrooklyn, NY$36,121,930View Profile
253LEGACY GROUPRE/MAX In the CityRiverdale, NY$35,526,864View Profile
254Shari MatluckCompassManhattan, NY$35,377,250View Profile
255The DuPree TeamCompassBrooklyn, NY$35,362,800View Profile
256The Nematnejad TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$35,199,250View Profile
257The RunNYC TeamKeller Williams Realty EmpireBrooklyn, NY$35,134,703View Profile
258Heydt TeamCompassManhattan, NY$35,056,250View Profile
259The Saghir Lewis TeamCompassBrooklyn, NY$34,968,350View Profile
260Michael LaMorte TeamChristie’s Real Estate GroupWhite Plains, NY$34,931,000View Profile
261The W. Team at CompassCompassScarsdale, NY$34,747,458View Profile
262The Rachlin Rappaport TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$34,679,000View Profile
263The Brunell TeamRE/MAX Benchmark Realty GroupNew Windsor, NY$34,573,930View Profile
264The Trentham TeamCompassManhattan, NY$34,389,120View Profile
265The Joe + Kelly TeamCompassManhattan, NY$34,299,000View Profile
266Sapir TeamCompassManhattan, NY$34,152,500View Profile
267Finest TeamRE/MAX EliteStaten Island, NY$34,145,500View Profile
268Horne TeamCompassBrooklyn, NY$34,010,000View Profile
269Alta Real EstateAlta Real EstateNew York, NY$34,000,000View Profile
270Christine Toes MuldoonCompassManhattan, NY$33,985,500View Profile
271The Polly Milligan TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$33,761,500View Profile
272The Marrus TeamKeller Williams Realty Hudson Valley RealtyNew City, NY$33,605,897View Profile
273The O’Dwyer-Brainard TeamDaniel Gale Sotheby’s International RealtyStony Brook, NY$33,425,900View Profile
274The Amy Petrone TeamRE/MAX Realty GroupPittsford, NY$33,404,657View Profile
275The Hanoch TeamCompassManhattan, NY$33,361,000View Profile
276The Edward Hickey TeamCompassBronxville, NY$33,239,459View Profile
277Henson Soule Perry TeamCompassBrooklyn, NY$33,197,500View Profile
278The Miller Schulz TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$33,183,764View Profile
279The Brewer | Diemer TeamCompassBrooklyn, NY$33,109,500View Profile
252The Creative Living TeamBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Hudson Valley PropertiesWoodstock, NY$33,101,409View Profile
280The Miller Goldenberg Harris Team at CompassCompassChappaqua, NY$33,064,660View Profile
281Madeline Wiebicke & The Home TeamKeller Williams Realty Hudson Valley RealtyNew City, NY$32,938,200View Profile
282The Kyle W. Blackmon Team – FLCompassNyc, NY$32,920,475View Profile
283The Tannen Caruso TeamCorcoranBrooklyn, NY$32,713,000View Profile
284Christopher FogliaCompassThe Hamptons, NY$32,679,667View Profile
285The DNK TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$32,521,450View Profile
286The Lanyard TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$32,101,278View Profile
287The Wolf TeamCorcoran Country LivingWoodstock, NY$32,010,400View Profile
288Jackie Lew and Marc WisotskyBrown Harris StevensBrooklyn, NY$32,007,000View Profile
289The Babst + Herzberg TeamCompassManhattan, NY$31,981,000View Profile
290The Stanica TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$31,825,500View Profile
291The Coatsworth Lind Johnson TeamCompassNew York, NY$31,663,000View Profile
292Furnari TeamEXIT REALTY ISLAND ELITEPort Jefferson Station, NY$31,557,378View Profile
293The Domenico TeamCompassManhattan, NY$31,284,683View Profile
294The Camp Holbein TeamCompassBrooklyn, NY$31,243,652View Profile
295Munsey DeFinoCompassBrooklyn, NY$31,220,999View Profile
296The Smith Hansen TeamCorcoranBrooklyn, NY$31,211,250View Profile
297The Focus GroupKeller Williams Realty Gold CoastPlainview , NY$31,205,999View Profile
298HCH Team Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s International RealtyIrvington, NY$31,094,500View Profile
299The Gottlieb TeamColdwell Banker WarburgNew York, NY$31,029,500View Profile
300Johnny Lal TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$30,998,459View Profile
301Gavriani – Falcone TeamEngel & Völkers New York CityNew York, NY$30,991,000View Profile
302Shayndel Moore TeamKeller Williams Realty Hudson Valley RealtyNew City, NY$30,936,999View Profile
303The Douglas TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$30,819,000View Profile
304The Cunneen TeamCompassThe Hamptons, NY$30,726,500View Profile
305Team Leah & Alex SajovitsDouglas EllimanRockville Centre, NY$30,698,500View Profile
306The Andreas Mann TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$30,670,850View Profile
307Ingalls ORourke TeamSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.New York, NY$30,630,000View Profile
308Hubbard TeamRE/MAX RelianceWantagh, NY$30,625,990View Profile
309The Stanard TeamCorcoranBrooklyn, NY$30,577,313View Profile
310The Tishelman/Joy TeamHoulihan LawrenceIrvington, NY$30,443,034View Profile
311The Laura Rozos TeamCompassBrooklyn, NY$30,390,266View Profile
312DOMUS TEAMCompassManhattan, NY$30,356,659View Profile
313Lord Chapin TeamDouglas EllimanEast Hampton, NY$30,354,714View Profile
314The Principe TeamDouglas EllimanMerrick, NY$30,302,000View Profile
315McCain Wallison AdvisoryCompassManhattan, NY$30,195,561View Profile
316Tate Kelly Team at CompassCompassManhattan, NY$30,152,000View Profile
317Kammy Home Team LLCKeller Williams Realty Landmark IIJackson Heights, NY$30,146,000View Profile
318Tim Ho GroupKeller Williams Landmark RealtyFlushing, NY$30,139,714View Profile
319The Porto Francavilla TeamDouglas EllimanHampton Bays, NY$30,124,775View Profile
320Kim Shepard TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$30,045,000View Profile
321The Keslow Team at CompassCompassScarsdale, NY$30,025,500View Profile
322The Poliwoda TeamDouglas EllimanGreenport, NY$30,022,499View Profile
323Joanna & Amy Team Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s International RealtyRye, NY$30,003,750View Profile
324The Cannan TeamRE/MAX PlusRochester, NY$29,962,872View Profile
325The Blanchet Poellot TeamHoulihan LawrenceWhite Plains, NY$29,844,999View Profile
326Melissa Hernandez TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$29,784,596View Profile
327The Barriga TeamDouglas EllimanHuntington, NY$29,750,250View Profile
328Victoria Shtainer TeamCompassManhattan, NY$29,703,696View Profile
329The Christina Kremidas TeamDouglas EllimanBrooklyn, NY$29,646,250View Profile
330Ian DiosCompassThe Hamptons, NY$29,635,000View Profile
331The Charlie Lewis TeamCompassManhattan, NY$29,489,253View Profile
332The Adelson TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$29,489,050View Profile
333The Tasker Team with HUNT Real Estate ERAHUNT Real Estate ERABuffalo, NY$29,486,360View Profile
334The Fasano TeamCompassWoodbury, NY$29,305,000View Profile
335The Ekroth Fishkind Margolin TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$29,265,875View Profile
336CNY Key TeamHUNT Real Estate ERAManlius, NY$29,265,383View Profile
337The Gina Padro TeamKeller Williams Realty Greater NassauGarden City, NY$29,247,336View Profile
338Heerkens Homes TeamRE/MAX PlusRochester, NY$29,150,588View Profile
339Richard Sarkis TeamHoward Hanna RochesterRochester, NY$29,133,167View Profile
340The David TeamHoward Hanna WNYLancaster, NY$29,116,583View Profile
341The Dotan TeamCorcoranBrooklyn, NY$29,066,322View Profile
342The Dune Collective at CompassCompassThe Hamptons, NY$29,049,000View Profile
343The Riolo Properties TeamCompassManhattan, NY$28,954,388View Profile
344Luxe Advisory TeamCompassThe Hamptons, NY$28,863,416View Profile
345JoAnne Kennedy and Nell Winslow Sotheby’s International Realty, Inc.New York, NY$28,815,000View Profile
346The Arcus TeamBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$28,726,000View Profile
347The Glasser Lipton TeamHoulihan LawrenceScarsdale, NY$28,676,700View Profile
348Steer Kelly TeamKeller Williams NYCNew York, NY$28,564,500View Profile
349The Baker Dellinger TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$28,557,500View Profile
350Jessica RainsCompassManhattan, NY$28,380,500View Profile
351Hamptons Collective TeamCompassThe Hamptons, NY$28,300,000View Profile
352NWE ConsultingKeller Williams Landmark RealtyBayside, NY$28,171,000View Profile
353Andi Levine TeamKeller Williams Realty Gold CoastManhasset, NY$28,036,100View Profile
354Penny ToepferCompassManhattan, NY$28,015,511View Profile
355Tinnie Sassano TeamCompassManhattan, NY$27,930,000View Profile
356Sklyar Taye TeamRE/MAX EdgeBrooklyn, NY$27,919,000View Profile
357One TeamRE/MAX EdgeBrooklyn, NY$27,830,000View Profile
358Team Greg and Jackie at the Corcoran GroupCorcoranEast Hampton, NY$27,697,500View Profile
359The Michael J. Neeley TeamWilliam RaveisKatonah, NY$27,695,700View Profile
360Kason/Colon TeamDouglas EllimanPlainview, NY$27,587,499View Profile
361The Tony Murphy Sales TeamHoulihan LawrenceWhite Plains, NY$27,523,675View Profile
362The Freiberg-Cella TeamCompassNew York , NY$27,502,500View Profile
363Win BrownCompassManhattan, NY$27,493,000View Profile
364Germany Sears TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$27,480,000View Profile
365Martinez TeamCompassManhattan, NY$27,455,499View Profile
366Natalia Wixom Team at CompassCompassChappaqua, NY$27,406,449View Profile
367The French Carpenter TeamHoulihan LawrenceBronxville, NY$27,397,500View Profile
368The Ribner Starr TeamCompassManhattan, NY$27,385,163View Profile
369Empire TeamKeller Williams Realty PartnersBaldwin Place, NY$27,327,599View Profile
370The Hampton’s Edge Team at CorcoranCorcoranWesthampton Beach, NY$27,321,300View Profile
371The Cornerstone Team CorcoranNew York, NY$27,275,250View Profile
372The DeBellis TeamDouglas EllimanScarsdale, NY$27,260,700View Profile
373Jay Coles TeamHoward Hanna WNYEast Aurora, NY$27,131,665View Profile
374The Mazurek TeamDouglas EllimanBrooklyn, NY$27,060,250View Profile
375The Partnership TeamCompassManhattan, NY$27,056,068View Profile
376The Daley TeamKeller Williams LancasterElma, NY$26,890,784View Profile
377The Green-Isen TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$26,874,200View Profile
378The Ingram TeamCompassBrooklyn, NY$26,801,600View Profile
379Alexander Korotkiy & Amy Koh TeamColdwell Banker Reliable Real EstateBrooklyn, NY$26,519,000View Profile
380The Lerner Simon TeamHoulihan LawrenceScarsdale, NY$26,471,799View Profile
381Ellen ZipesCompassManhasset, NY$26,455,174View Profile
382The Ellicottville TeamKeller Williams LancasterElma, NY$26,218,201View Profile
383The Karen Kelley TeamCompassManhattan, NY$26,175,000View Profile
384The Nathan Wenzel TeamHoward Hanna RochesterRochester, NY$26,106,078View Profile
385Dee & Kate Estates Team at CorcoranCorcoranWesthampton Beach, NY$26,098,500View Profile
386Jesse FeldmanCompassManhattan, NY$25,803,822View Profile
407CAROL MAHONEY TEAMBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Hudson Valley PropertiesFishkill, NY$25,699,250View Profile
387The Rundhaug Neuhauser TeamCompassManhattan, NY$25,687,368View Profile
388Palianto TeamHoward Hanna Rand RealtyNanuet, NY$25,591,350View Profile
389The Goodwin TeamCorcoran Legends RealtyTarrytown, NY$25,585,000View Profile
390Testa Thorn TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$25,578,000View Profile
391Melissa KaiserCompassManhattan, NY$25,448,452View Profile
392GC Homes TeamRE/MAX PlusRochester, NY$25,342,263View Profile
393LG FairmontCompassManhattan, NY$25,286,714View Profile
394MINSKY | ABRISHAMI TEAMDouglas EllimanBrooklyn, NY$25,238,250View Profile
395Slater TeamSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.East Hampton, NY$25,105,000View Profile
396The Rothman TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$25,087,000View Profile
397The Hovey Ritchey TeamCompassThe Hamptons, NY$25,086,000View Profile
398Res Com AdvisoryCompassManhattan, NY$25,053,750View Profile
399The Lisa Bela TeamHoulihan LawrenceScarsdale, NY$25,051,999View Profile
400The Gavrilov Grosso TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$25,037,612View Profile
401The Bucci Real Estate TeamColdwell Banker RealtyDobbs Ferry, NY$24,988,387View Profile
402The Jo Ann Boettcher TeamDouglas EllimanBabylon, NY$24,983,296View Profile
403The Klotsman TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$24,962,916View Profile
404The Elaine Mayers TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$24,949,358View Profile
405The Aguilar & Gill TeamColdwell Banker American HomesMerrick, NY$24,944,800View Profile
406Rachel YohaiCompassManhattan, NY$24,832,571View Profile
408Howard Payson TeamRE/MAX Town & CountryFishkill, NY$24,728,750View Profile
409Rochester One Real Estate TeamHUNT Real Estate ERARochester, NY$24,540,796View Profile
410The Dan Patterson TeamHoward Hanna RochesterOntario, NY$24,449,319View Profile
411Malcolm Louis AdamsCompassBrooklyn, NY$24,418,425View Profile
412Manon | Williams-AdkinsCompassBrooklyn, NY$24,316,995View Profile
413Adam Hade Team at CompassCompassChappaqua, NY$24,256,760View Profile
414Zestanakis Team Keller Williams Landmark RealtyFlushing, NY$24,156,978View Profile
415Maryanne FarrellCompassBrooklyn, NY$24,131,000View Profile
416The Serna TeamCompassManhattan, NY$24,015,000View Profile

New York News

Fast-growing brokerage Side enters NYC HW+

Jan 19, 2022By

San Francisco-based Side has taken the side entrance into New York. The real estate brokerage has not announced agent hires, but it has tapped a managing broker for the state in John Wollberg.