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Rank – City VolumeFull NameCompanyLocationVolumeProfile
1Jonathan Minerickhomecoin.comSan Diego, CA$465,114,725View Profile
2Eric IantornoPacific Sotheby’s International RealtySan Diego, CA$156,647,500View Profile
3Melissa TucciColdwell Banker WestSan Diego, CA$116,952,670View Profile
4Jeff NixRedfinSan Diego, CA$72,072,750View Profile
5Jodie LeeRedfinSan Diego, CA$63,588,459View Profile
6Mary RaserCompassSan Diego, CA$56,382,726View Profile
7Cheree BrayRedfinSan Diego, CA$56,132,700View Profile
8Sal CefaluKeller Williams Realty – San Diego MetroSan Diego, CA$52,379,672View Profile
9Catrina RussellColdwell Banker WestSan Diego, CA$47,571,859View Profile
10Adam LoewKeller Williams Realty Carmel ValleySan Diego, CA$45,880,500View Profile
11Carlos GutierrezeXp Realty, LLCSan Diego, CA$45,393,346View Profile
12Mukesh JainRE/MAX ConnectionsSan Diego, CA$44,867,807View Profile
13Nancy BeckCENTURY 21 AwardSan Diego, CA$43,814,000View Profile
14Tamara Markey TruaxRedfinSan Diego, CA$43,289,800View Profile
15Tamra FullerColdwell Banker WestSan Diego, CA$42,931,332View Profile
16Michael WolfColdwell Banker WestSan Diego, CA$41,487,907View Profile
17Katie GouletasRedfinSan Diego, CA$40,325,883View Profile
18Jennifer AndersonCompassSan Diego, CA$40,227,244View Profile
19Laura Sechrist MolendaRedfinSan Diego, CA$39,916,986View Profile
20Wesley RoyalColdwell Banker RealtySan Diego, CA$38,844,294View Profile
21Omid MaghamfarColdwell Banker RealtySan Diego, CA$38,251,826View Profile
22Charles WheelerRedfinSan Diego, CA$37,351,500View Profile
23Linda LeeKeller Williams Realty Carmel ValleySan Diego, CA$37,142,250View Profile
24Jeremy BeauvarletRedfinSan Diego, CA$35,673,800View Profile
25Cristi ChaquicaCompassSan Diego, CA$34,870,899View Profile
26Agata CarpenterCompassSan Diego, CA$33,999,900View Profile
27Garret MilliganCompassSan Diego, CA$33,462,500View Profile
28Krista SozinhoCompassSan Diego, CA$32,532,500View Profile
29Rebecca Roman StevensRedfinSan Diego, CA$32,501,611View Profile
30John CopelandRedfinSan Diego, CA$31,780,040View Profile
31Rachel GardnerRedfinSan Diego, CA$31,072,400View Profile
32Christie DuguidRedfinSan Diego, CA$30,938,511View Profile
33Roseanne MartinRedfinSan Diego, CA$30,651,652View Profile
34Susan MullettRedfinSan Diego, CA$30,409,984View Profile
35Logan HenryColdwell Banker RealtySan Diego, CA$30,010,773View Profile
36Jason FogelmanColdwell Banker WestSan Diego, CA$29,891,656View Profile
37Patti GerkeCompassSan Diego, CA$29,690,275View Profile
38Thomas MoranCompassSan Diego, CA$29,175,000View Profile
39Silvana FreestoneColdwell Banker RealtySan Diego, CA$28,025,500View Profile
40Max FolkersRE/MAX PacificSan Diego, CA$27,960,775View Profile
41Jason DanielsCompassSan Diego, CA$27,664,900View Profile
42Saied MojabiColdwell Banker RealtySan Diego, CA$27,492,900View Profile
43Alice GreliakCompassSan Diego, CA$27,350,443View Profile
44Ken SchwartzCENTURY 21 AwardSan Diego, CA$26,937,800View Profile
45Liliana BristmanERA North Orange County Real EstateSan Diego, CA$26,357,750View Profile
46Angela KimAK REAL ESTATESan Diego, CA$26,042,290View Profile
47Molly SantistevanCompassSan Diego, CA$25,625,000View Profile
48Greg GoodellRedfinSan Diego, CA$25,587,077View Profile
49Laura LothianPacific Sotheby’s International RealtySan Diego, CA$25,267,900View Profile
50Michele MassionColdwell Banker RealtySan Diego, CA$24,836,224View Profile
51Ed OrensteinKeller Williams RealtySan Diego, CA$24,744,400View Profile
52Catherine BlackCompassSan Diego, CA$24,588,800View Profile
53Kimberly KollHeritage Homes San DiegoSan Diego, CA$24,579,969View Profile
54Steven BellerRE/MAX ConnectionsSan Diego, CA$24,404,000View Profile
55Michelle L WarnerRE/MAX ConnectionsSan Diego, CA$23,987,875View Profile
56Matthew SimilaRedfinSan Diego, CA$23,845,260View Profile
57Deniese OsseyCompassSan Diego, CA$23,817,020View Profile
58Deedee KirschCompassSan Diego, CA$23,635,173View Profile
59Coral BergmannRedfinSan Diego, CA$23,509,000View Profile
60Molly FlemingCompassSan Diego, CA$23,129,888View Profile
61Markee LashleyRedfinSan Diego, CA$23,090,000View Profile
62David ZarraonandiaRedfinSan Diego, CA$22,810,500View Profile
63Chris PriolaRedfinSan Diego, CA$22,771,890View Profile
64Ken MayCompassSan Diego, CA$22,502,000View Profile
65Jenica MartinDouglas EllimanSan Diego, CA$22,280,100View Profile
66Christian Van’T VlieCENTURY 21 AwardSan Diego, CA$22,099,500View Profile
67Jon PalmieriCompassSan Diego, CA$21,767,268View Profile
68Mary Anne StevensColdwell Banker RealtySan Diego, CA$21,505,000View Profile
69Nicole GriesiRedfinSan Diego, CA$21,074,900View Profile
70Caroline RandereXp Realty of California, Inc.San Diego, CA$21,016,500View Profile
71Sharon McdonaldCompassSan Diego, CA$21,007,375View Profile
72Kwest Real Group –CompassSan Diego, CA$20,985,000View Profile
73Julianne SuperReal BrokerSan Diego, CA$20,434,000View Profile
74Bridget PottertonKeller Williams Realty – San Diego MetroSan Diego, CA$20,330,000View Profile
75Patrick CohenColdwell Banker RealtySan Diego, CA$20,292,520View Profile
76Karla KiernanKeller Williams Realty – San Diego MetroSan Diego, CA$20,285,314View Profile
77Ashley Van LeuvenRedfinSan Diego, CA$20,254,363View Profile
78Salvatore DemariaColdwell Banker RealtySan Diego, CA$20,244,650View Profile
79Marilyn ComiskeyCompassSan Diego, CA$20,202,000View Profile
80Cristina NeighborColdwell Banker WestSan Diego, CA$19,937,497View Profile
81Alex GalanisRedfinSan Diego, CA$19,849,400View Profile
82Niel MamertoRedfinSan Diego, CA$19,758,936View Profile
83Darren SchneiderColdwell Banker WestSan Diego, CA$19,731,325View Profile
84Peter HeinesPacific Sotheby’s International RealtySan Diego, CA$19,628,527View Profile
85Kellie LundgrenDouglas EllimanSan Diego, CA$19,612,250View Profile
86Carol MundellCENTURY 21 AwardSan Diego, CA$19,513,110View Profile
87Sasha ShannerCompassSan Diego, CA$19,449,311View Profile
88Dan AndersonKeller Williams RealtySan Diego, CA$19,389,177View Profile
89Debbie CarpenterCompassSan Diego, CA$19,129,000View Profile
90Bree ArellanoCompassSan Diego, CA$18,862,001View Profile
91The Cassity Team –CompassSan Diego, CA$18,862,000View Profile
92Priscilla Wood BalikianCompassSan Diego, CA$18,798,163View Profile
93Stephanie JensenKeller Williams Realty – San Diego MetroSan Diego, CA$18,635,900View Profile
94Kurt FrancisCENTURY 21 AwardSan Diego, CA$18,522,619View Profile
95Ana AlessiRedfinSan Diego, CA$18,469,000View Profile
96Caroline NeillRedfinSan Diego, CA$18,447,000View Profile
97Lisa Bohlken San Diego Luxury SpecialistKeller Williams Realty – San Diego MetroSan Diego, CA$18,424,625View Profile
98The Ellison Realty Group –CompassSan Diego, CA$18,423,400View Profile
99Amando ButalidRedfinSan Diego, CA$18,383,000View Profile
100Mary DjavaherianCompassSan Diego, CA$18,305,000View Profile
101Lia TysdalKeller Williams RealtySan Diego, CA$18,024,100View Profile
102Diana Sue ChapmanRE/MAX PacificSan Diego, CA$17,722,000View Profile
103Trisha DalyRE/MAX Associates – Trisha A. Daly TeamSan Diego, CA$17,604,400View Profile
104Marlene GadinisRedfinSan Diego, CA$17,602,865View Profile
105Marcie SandsColdwell Banker WestSan Diego, CA$17,145,000View Profile
106Carlos PastranaPacific Sotheby’s International RealtySan Diego, CA$17,068,776View Profile
107Michael GarnerDouglas EllimanSan Diego, CA$17,008,077View Profile
108Jim DaveyCompassSan Diego, CA$16,974,000View Profile
109Sussy BrownRedfinSan Diego, CA$16,894,000View Profile
110Shaun McdonaldRedfinSan Diego, CA$16,870,545View Profile
111Brandon RampaniKeller Williams RealtySan Diego, CA$16,839,327View Profile
112Brian ReifeissRE/MAX ConnectionsSan Diego, CA$16,815,900View Profile
113Jim JohnstonRedfinSan Diego, CA$16,666,110View Profile
114Julie BoyadjianPacific Sotheby’s International RealtySan Diego, CA$16,567,000View Profile
115Evan GillCompassSan Diego, CA$16,507,000View Profile
116Marie Jo AtkinsCompassSan Diego, CA$16,499,892View Profile
117Julianna ArrantCompassSan Diego, CA$16,468,514View Profile
118Ian SchoenbergerRedfinSan Diego, CA$16,384,935View Profile
119Suzanna GavranianColdwell Banker RealtySan Diego, CA$16,337,244View Profile
120Kaye AtkinsColdwell Banker WestSan Diego, CA$16,250,574View Profile
121Elidie StrouseRedfinSan Diego, CA$16,183,200View Profile
122Pamela CampbellRedfinSan Diego, CA$16,179,000View Profile
123Gina VreeburgCompassSan Diego, CA$16,176,400View Profile
124Marjan “Meg” LebastchiCompassSan Diego, CA$16,143,800View Profile
125Sherry ShriverCompassSan Diego, CA$16,063,000View Profile
126Jim FieldCENTURY 21 AwardSan Diego, CA$16,031,000View Profile
127Sandy SarroCompassSan Diego, CA$16,026,900View Profile

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2023 San Diego, California Housing Market Summary

San Diego, California started 2023 with a total of 470 single-family homes on the market, with a median home price of $1,159,995 and an average price per square foot of $737. By the end of the year, inventory had decreased to 332 homes on the market (-29%), with a median home price of $1,372,500 (+18%) and an average price per square foot of $837 (+13%).

At the start of 2023, the median days on market (DOM) was 63 days – by the end of the year, median DOM had decreased to 49 days.

San Diego started the year with 44% of homes taking a price cut (for reference, 35% is the national average for price reductions in a ‘normal’ year.) By the end of the year, about 34% of San Diego homes for sale had taken a price cut.

Finally, Altos’ proprietary Market Action Index (MAI) shows that San Diego started 2023 as a strong seller’s market, with an MAI score of 48; by the end of the year, the MAI had rose to 75 – a strong seller’s advantage.

This market summary is powered by Altos Research – click here to run a free report for your area.

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