Top Small Teams in San Diego, California – Ranked By Volume

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Rank – City VolumeTeam NameCompanyLocationVolumeProfile
1Equestrian Real Estate GroupCompassSan Diego, CA$129,859,000View Profile
2Neda Nourani & AssociatesCompassSan Diego, CA$99,636,180View Profile
3Union West Real Estate GroupCompassSan Diego, CA$99,274,400View Profile
4The Dunlap TeamCompassSan Diego, CA$91,000,000View Profile
5The Jackson TeamCompassSan Diego, CA$86,580,217View Profile
6Ryan Mathys and Tracie KerstenCompassSan Diego, CA$79,831,486View Profile
7Revolve Growth PartnersKeller Williams Realty Carmel ValleySan Diego, CA$76,307,977View Profile
8Bree Bornstein GroupCompassSan Diego, CA$74,025,604View Profile
9Booth Springer TeamCompassSan Diego, CA$65,850,981View Profile
10Blue Chip Realty GroupBlue Chip Realty GroupSan Diego, CA$65,850,917View Profile
11Dane Soderberg and AssociatesCompassSan Diego, CA$65,368,393View Profile
12Polly Rogers & AssociatesCompassSan Diego, CA$63,281,499View Profile
13Coast and Valley Real Estate GroupCompassSan Diego, CA$60,977,610View Profile
14Granston GroupCompassSan Diego, CA$60,848,803View Profile
15Felicia Lewis GroupCompassSan Diego, CA$58,647,500View Profile
16Ben CrosbyCompassSan Diego, CA$56,522,891View Profile
17Team Bennett + BennettCompassSan Diego, CA$55,663,224View Profile
18The Schreiber TeamCompassSan Diego, CA$53,577,486View Profile
19Jim McInerneyCompassSan Diego, CA$53,561,999View Profile
20Coastal CollectiveCompassSan Diego, CA$53,509,769View Profile
21Joe CorbisieroCompassSan Diego, CA$52,899,468View Profile
22Exude Luxury GroupExude Luxury GroupSan Diego, CA$50,987,000View Profile
23Brian Connelly + AssociatesCompassSan Diego, CA$50,799,133View Profile
24Denny OhCompassSan Diego, CA$50,787,780View Profile
25SD Home TeamCompassSan Diego, CA$50,522,928View Profile
26The Richard Stone Real Estate GroupKeller Williams Realty Carmel ValleySan Diego, CA$49,964,919View Profile
27The Liu & Groset TeamKeller Williams San Diego North InlandSan Diego, CA$45,893,375View Profile
28The Seaman TeamKeller Williams San Diego North InlandSan Diego, CA$45,571,517View Profile
29Mike MccurdyCompassSan Diego, CA$45,451,000View Profile
30Triolo Realty GroupKeller Williams Realty Carmel ValleySan Diego, CA$44,560,725View Profile
31Hernholm Group Pacific Sotheby’s International RealtySan Diego, CA$44,438,000View Profile
32Tracey Ross GroupCompassSan Diego, CA$43,187,000View Profile
33Kimberly SchmidtCompassSan Diego, CA$43,109,900View Profile
34The Higgins GroupCompassSan Diego, CA$42,908,168View Profile
35Dalzell GroupCompassSan Diego, CA$42,671,000View Profile
36Anderson Coastal GroupCompassSan Diego, CA$41,088,743View Profile
37Jonathon SheaCompassSan Diego, CA$40,761,158View Profile
38Griswold GroupCompassSan Diego, CA$40,195,803View Profile
39Sally Schoeffel + Elizabeth CallawayCompassSan Diego, CA$40,042,422View Profile
40Team Mission HillsCompassSan Diego, CA$39,063,100View Profile
41Valerie Upham TeamCompassSan Diego, CA$38,269,734View Profile
42The Luminary Group Homes and EstatesThe Luminary Group Homes and EstatesSan Diego, CA$37,000,000View Profile
43De Ridder TeamCompassSan Diego, CA$36,597,307View Profile
44Providential Real EstateProvidential Real EstateSan Diego, CA$36,000,000View Profile
45Krause TeamCENTURY 21 AwardSan Diego, CA$35,652,400View Profile
46Kelly HowardCompassSan Diego, CA$35,614,000View Profile
47Jenn Blake Real Estate GroupCompassSan Diego, CA$35,145,977View Profile
48Vincent CrudoCompassSan Diego, CA$34,888,500View Profile
49Bob AndrewsCompassSan Diego, CA$34,707,136View Profile
50Lindsay HerrellCompassSan Diego, CA$33,857,920View Profile
51Cay, Carly and PatrickKeller Williams Realty Carmel ValleySan Diego, CA$33,457,000View Profile
52Rancho Real Estate GroupCompassSan Diego, CA$33,246,840View Profile
53Team KolkerCompassSan Diego, CA$31,971,500View Profile
54Rudowicz MacCartee GroupCompassSan Diego, CA$31,872,268View Profile
55The Caudill TeamKeller Williams Realty Carmel ValleySan Diego, CA$31,300,201View Profile
56TNT Realty Group SDCompassSan Diego, CA$30,907,000View Profile
57Julie HanCompassSan Diego, CA$30,878,751View Profile
58Define Real EstateDefine Real EstateSan Diego, CA$30,517,300View Profile
59Randall ParkesCompassSan Diego, CA$29,521,000View Profile
60Katie Herrick GroupCompassSan Diego, CA$29,143,564View Profile
61Michelle DykstraCompassSan Diego, CA$28,911,485View Profile
62Alexandria BoothCompassSan Diego, CA$28,842,300View Profile
63Cowan TeamCompassSan Diego, CA$28,694,306View Profile
64Bob RuaneCompassSan Diego, CA$28,432,000View Profile
65Cindy MortCompassSan Diego, CA$28,219,000View Profile
66Martin M CorreiaCompassSan Diego, CA$28,151,200View Profile
67Kim HawleyCompassSan Diego, CA$27,527,500View Profile
68Prem AdvaniCompassSan Diego, CA$26,924,825View Profile
69Jack Campbell TeamKeller Williams Realty Carmel ValleySan Diego, CA$25,919,276View Profile
70The Harth TeamCompassSan Diego, CA$25,863,305View Profile
71Candis KolbCompassSan Diego, CA$25,760,139View Profile
72Scott Voak TeamPacific Sotheby’s International RealtySan Diego, CA$25,400,819View Profile
73Crawford TeamKeller Williams San Diego North InlandSan Diego, CA$25,179,200View Profile
74Camille BrunoCompassSan Diego, CA$25,091,114View Profile
75Harden Wright & AssociatesCompassSan Diego, CA$24,864,967View Profile
76LUXURYSOCALREALTYCompassSan Diego, CA$24,547,216View Profile

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2023 San Diego, California Housing Market Summary

San Diego, California started 2023 with a total of 470 single-family homes on the market, with a median home price of $1,159,995 and an average price per square foot of $737. By the end of the year, inventory had decreased to 332 homes on the market (-29%), with a median home price of $1,372,500 (+18%) and an average price per square foot of $837 (+13%).

At the start of 2023, the median days on market (DOM) was 63 days – by the end of the year, median DOM had decreased to 49 days.

San Diego started the year with 44% of homes taking a price cut (for reference, 35% is the national average for price reductions in a ‘normal’ year.) By the end of the year, about 34% of San Diego homes for sale had taken a price cut.

Finally, Altos’ proprietary Market Action Index (MAI) shows that San Diego started 2023 as a strong seller’s market, with an MAI score of 48; by the end of the year, the MAI had rose to 75 – a strong seller’s advantage.

This market summary is powered by Altos Research – click here to run a free report for your area.

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