Top Agents in Washington, D.C. – Individuals By Volume

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Rank – State VolumeFull NameCompanyLocationVolumeProfile
1Michael RankinTTR Sotheby’s International RealtyWashington , DC$213,899,381View Profile
2Mark LowhamTTR Sotheby’s International RealtyWashington , DC$117,565,305View Profile
3Lee ArrowoodFleisher Arrowood of CompassWashington, DC$103,937,500View Profile
4Kimberly CestariLong & Foster Real Estate, Inc.Washington, DC$81,533,585View Profile
5Kira Epstein BegalWashington Fine Properties, LLC Washington, DC$81,349,335View Profile
6Ellen MorrellWashington Fine Properties, LLC Washington, DC$74,690,000View Profile
7Cihan BaysalLong & Foster Real Estate, Inc.Washington, DC$59,524,894View Profile
8Katri HunterCompassWashington, DC$57,821,000View Profile
9Margot WilsonWashington Fine Properties, LLC Washington, DC$55,995,000View Profile
10Daryl JudyWashington Fine Properties, LLC Washington, DC$54,530,826View Profile
11Russell FirestoneTTR Sotheby’s International RealtyWashington , DC$54,000,000View Profile
12Chelsea TraylorRedfinWashington, DC$53,411,007View Profile
13Eileen McgrathWashington Fine Properties, LLC Washington, DC$53,401,811View Profile
14Liz Lavette ShorbWashington Fine Properties, LLC Washington, DC$52,688,680View Profile
15Kay Mcgrath KingWashington Fine Properties, LLC Washington, DC$48,529,911View Profile
16Mehrnaz (Mary) BazarganRedfinWashington, DC$45,571,554View Profile
18Alan CharginKeller Williams Capitol PropertiesWashington, DC$42,040,721View Profile
19Thomas KolkerTTR Sotheby’s International RealtyWashington, DC$40,133,657View Profile
20Ted GossettWashington Fine Properties, LLC Washington, DC$39,631,950View Profile
21Chuck HolzwarthWashington Fine Properties, LLC Washington, DC$38,133,900View Profile
22William FastowTTR Sotheby’s International RealtyWashington , DC$36,529,400View Profile
23Sam MedveneCENTURY 21 Redwood RealtyWashington, DC$35,237,307View Profile
24Roby ThompsonLong & Foster Real Estate, Inc.Washington, DC$34,394,000View Profile
25Cynthia HowarWashington Fine Properties, LLC Washington, DC$34,253,888View Profile
26Mary SaltzmanWashington Fine Properties, LLC Washington, DC$33,215,099View Profile
27Lenore RubinoWashington Fine Properties, LLC Washington, DC$32,932,240View Profile
28Michael GaileyCompassWashington, DC$31,766,550View Profile
29Boucie Addison Washington Fine Properties, LLC Washington, DC$31,603,500View Profile
30Kerry FortuneWashington Fine Properties, LLC Washington, DC$31,412,500View Profile
31Jennifer WelldeWashington Fine Properties, LLC Washington, DC$31,370,273View Profile
32Marshall CareyRedfinWashington, DC$30,053,880View Profile
33Kornelia StuphanLong & Foster Real Estate, Inc.Washington, DC$30,021,630View Profile
34Tiernan DickensRedfinWashington, DC$29,537,603View Profile
35Gabrielle CroweTTR Sotheby’s International RealtyWashington, DC$29,116,122View Profile
36Nick HazeltonWashington Fine Properties, LLC Washington, DC$28,904,500View Profile
37Jamie PevaWashington Fine Properties, LLC Washington, DC$28,572,300View Profile
38James T. KimMcEnearney AssociatesWashington, DC$28,142,400View Profile
39Steven CentrellaRedfinWashington, DC$27,942,470View Profile
40Team Vantage –CompassWashington, DC$27,799,000View Profile
41Yvonne LeeKeller Williams Capitol PropertiesWashington, DC$27,077,972View Profile
42Marian Marsten RosaaenCompassWashington, DC$26,926,268View Profile
43Lee MurphyWashington Fine Properties, LLC Washington, DC$26,855,900View Profile
44Ed CarpCompassWashington, DC$26,362,951View Profile
45Joanne PinoverWashington Fine Properties, LLC Washington, DC$25,953,000View Profile
46Donnelly Properties –CompassWashington, DC$25,667,087View Profile
48Jaci AppelWashington Fine Properties, LLC Washington, DC$25,342,400View Profile
49Kenneth GermerCompassWashington, DC$25,220,100View Profile
50Frank SnodgrassTTR Sotheby’s International RealtyWashington , DC$24,718,370View Profile
51Desmond MckennaCompassWashington, DC$24,267,450View Profile
52Josh WaxmanLong & Foster Real Estate, Inc.Washington, DC$23,591,733View Profile
54Cynthia VanceTTR Sotheby’s International RealtyWashington , DC$23,500,000View Profile
55Valeriia SolodkaRedfinWashington, DC$23,413,329View Profile
56Samuel DweckTTR Sotheby’s International RealtyWashington, DC$23,301,264View Profile
57Jacob AndersonCompassWashington, DC$22,938,211View Profile
58Stuart NaranchRedfinWashington, DC$22,923,909View Profile
59Blueprint Residential –CompassWashington, DC$22,755,450View Profile
60Christine NievaRLAH @propertiesWashington, DC$22,120,152View Profile
61Sarah MinardWashington Fine Properties, LLC Washington, DC$21,895,000View Profile
62Grant Group –CompassWashington, DC$21,485,247View Profile
63Rebecca LoveRedfinWashington, DC$21,474,000View Profile
64Amy EmbreyKeller Williams Capitol PropertiesWashington, DC$21,370,142View Profile
65Jordan RichWashington Fine Properties, LLC Washington, DC$21,359,264View Profile
66Laura MccaffreyLong & Foster Real Estate, Inc.Washington, DC$21,293,250View Profile
67Kirsten WilliamsTTR Sotheby’s International RealtyWashington , DC$21,187,750View Profile
68Juan C. GranadosCompassWashington, DC$21,009,634View Profile
69Andre MarguttiRedfinWashington, DC$20,914,117View Profile
70Jonathan EngCENTURY 21 Redwood RealtyWashington, DC$20,604,175View Profile
71Will HirzyRedfinWashington, DC$20,600,455View Profile
72Michael SheridanTTR Sotheby’s International RealtyWashington, DC$20,434,500View Profile
73Joan CromwellMcEnearney AssociatesWashington, DC$20,358,400View Profile
74John Adler, JrWashington Fine Properties, LLC Washington, DC$20,303,400View Profile
75Fleur HowgillTTR Sotheby’s International RealtyWashington, DC$20,083,306View Profile
76Love Live Dc –CompassWashington, DC$19,921,700View Profile
77Marco StilliTTR Sotheby’s International RealtyWashington , DC$19,302,250View Profile
78Amir TabaTTR Sotheby’s International RealtyWashington, DC$19,267,749View Profile
79David ShotwellCompassWashington, DC$19,123,000View Profile
80Lise HoweKeller Williams Capitol PropertiesWashington, DC$18,743,414View Profile
81Francis KoerberTTR Sotheby’s International RealtyWashington, DC$18,734,288View Profile
82Amy WeaseCompassWashington, DC$18,656,700View Profile
83Matthew ZanolliCompassWashington, DC$18,609,086View Profile
84Mary EhrgoodWashington Fine Properties, LLC Washington, DC$18,499,000View Profile
85Stephen GabauerCENTURY 21 New MillenniumWashington, DC$18,439,274View Profile
86Phil SnedegarBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices PenFed RealtyWashington, DC$18,417,125View Profile
87Theo AdamsteinTTR Sotheby’s International RealtyWashington , DC$18,411,000View Profile
88Chris SandersCENTURY 21 Redwood RealtyWashington, DC$18,235,490View Profile
89Nikki CooperCompassWashington, DC$18,072,149View Profile
90Nelson MarbanWashington Fine Properties, LLC Washington, DC$17,844,900View Profile
91Kim KashCompassWashington, DC$17,563,367View Profile
92Ann YoungColdwell Banker RealtyWashington, DC$17,536,650View Profile
93Dan CorrWashington Fine Properties, LLC Washington, DC$17,318,404View Profile
94Danny BoitelWashington Fine Properties, LLC 1604 14Th Street Nw Washington Dc , DC$17,037,000View Profile
95Marysol BonillaMcEnearney AssociatesWashington, DC$16,977,100View Profile
96Spencer BodianCompassWashington, DC$16,678,284View Profile
97Jason LallisRLAH @propertiesWashington, DC$16,495,209View Profile
98Domo –CompassWashington, DC$16,473,750View Profile
100Jocelyn Lederman And Team –CompassWashington, DC$16,372,930View Profile
101Jamie KoppersmithMcEnearney AssociatesWashington, DC$16,348,000View Profile
102James BellTTR Sotheby’s International RealtyWashington, DC$16,237,000View Profile
103Andrew PariserLong & Foster Real Estate, Inc.Washington, DC$16,215,785View Profile
104Marilyn CharityWashington Fine Properties, LLC Washington, DC$16,176,500View Profile
105George MillerKeller Williams Capitol PropertiesWashington, DC$16,067,800View Profile
106Philip SturmLong & Foster Real Estate, Inc.Washington, DC$16,034,412View Profile
107Daniel MillerWashington Fine Properties, LLC Washington, DC$16,007,500View Profile

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2023 Washington, D.C. Market Summary

Washington, D.C. started 2023 with a total of 719 single-family homes on the market, with a median home price of $779,500 and an average price per square foot of $511. By the end of the year, inventory had decreased to 709 homes on the market (-1%), with a median home price of $799,000 (+2%) and an average price per square foot of $524 (+2%).

At the start of 2023, the median days on market (DOM) was 77 days – by the end of the year, median DOM had increased to 84 days.

Washington D.C. started the year with 45% of homes taking a price cut (for reference, 35% is the national average for price reductions in a ‘normal’ year.) By the end of the year, about 43% of Washington D.C. homes for sale had taken a price cut.

Finally, Altos’ proprietary Market Action Index (MAI) shows that Washington D.C. started 2023 as a strong seller’s market, with an MAI score of 47; by the end of the year, the MAI had dropped to 34 – a balanced buyer and seller’s market.

This market summary is powered by Altos Research – click here to run a free report for your area.

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